Giving Art as a Gift – Here are some Tips

Mandy Eve-BarnettArt, Gift


When we give art we are choosing a unique, original and memorable gift. It is a very personal gesture that creates a strong bond with the person who receives it. There are also countless options for personalizing the piece with framing.

When buying art for someone else there are a few things to consider. Here are some Tips:

  • Their taste in art. (It is easy to determine this when you visit their home)
  • Their household decor, such as colour schemes and style.
  • Size of the artwork. (A small apartment versus a large house)
  • Is the artwork inspired by a memory or memento, a trip, a favorite place, the recipient’s hobbies or interests, or a significant occasion?
  • Decide on where the art will be displayed. A living area or bedroom, a study, a man cave, or a work-related space.
  • Determine your budget. 
  • Another option is a gift card.
  • Ultimately if you are unsure take them to an art show and note which pieces they are drawn to.

At Picture This Gallery we have many years of experience and are happy to help you choose an art piece, and the numerous framing options available.

Please take advantage of our Christmas Open House or go online to view great gift ideas