Graduation – You earned it – why not display it!

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Graduation is a momentous rite of passage for our children, whether they are attending school,
college, or university. It celebrates their hard work, dedication, and perseverance and is a visual
and tangible representation of their academic journey. The individual regalia also highlights an
appreciation for the knowledge, guidance, and support of the specific institution.
This life event is worth celebrating and honoring with a special keepsake to provide a lasting
memory. It can be made up of a program, photographs, certificates, academic degree, or
diploma, and even the mandatory cap, no matter what you call it – academic cap, graduate cap,
mortarboard, or trencher. The regalia is something special symbolizing pride, achievement, and

Graduation ceremonies date from twelfth century Europe with scholastic monks, thus giving
each graduation class a long history behind them. The tradition of caps and gowns originate
from the Middle Ages in Oxford, England, but they were not originally for ceremonies. Instead,
a hooded gown aided the students and scholars to keep warm in unheated academic buildings.
For younger children there may be a well-deserved certificate, artwork, or project, along with
photographs. For older children, and young adults, there will be graduating documentation,
awards, transcripts of speeches and more. All these treasures of the ceremony can be proudly

As we watch our youth venture into the world into their chosen field, or graduate to the next
step in their education, unique and special framed displays will be a reminder of the
momentous occasion.

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