Love in a Frame – a cherished gift to share

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To Never Ending Love - Cassandra Barney
To Never Ending Love - Cassandra Barney

When we think of Valentine’s Day, it is usual to consider only romantic love for the occasion. However, love comes in many forms – familial or parental love, philia love for siblings and friends, and even love for our furry companions (Although, some might not be furry, of course).

What better way to show your love than a framed image?

Think about what is special to you and your family and how you would like to record it. Ask yourself:

  • When were all your siblings last together? Did you photograph the gathering? 
  • Have you renewed your wedding vows? Was there a specific picture that captured the event and would be a cherished memento? 
  • Was there an recent engagement, wedding or anniversary?
  • A beloved grandparent with the newest addition to the family? (This would be a generational love.)
  • Do you want to remember the moment a new pet was welcomed into the family? 
  • Would an updated family group photograph make the perfect gift or replace an older version?

To celebrate and honour your ‘loved’ ones, our framing service can give you the opportunity to create a portrait to cherish and share. 

Our expertise in defining your vision for these pictorial treasures will ensure your images are not only framed to last but are complementarily to your whole collection. You may even decide it should be a statement piece in pride of place. No matter your desire, or requirement we have the capability to make it a reality.  More ideas on picture framing


Art by Cassandra Christensen Barney