Moments Frozen in Time

Mandy Eve-BarnettDécor, Inspiration

Making Memories by artist John Weiss
Making Memories by artist John Weiss

As we endure the extreme freezing temperatures of winter in Alberta, the images displayed on our walls, remind us of warmer climes, happy events, and smiling faces. These images give us welcomed inner warmth.

In essence a painting or photograph is a moment frozen in time. Amid the celebrations, family moments, and explorations of life, we can stop time with an image. The intricacies of the moment, the colours, shapes, shadows and expressions are held captive within the frame preserved exactly as it was in the past. The image, itself holds the feelings or memories as vivid and unchanged as the moment they were experienced. Some may evoke a sense of nostalgia or even emphasize the enduring nature of something, someone, or even a place.

An artist can capture a moment in oil, acrylic or water colour, whether it is a still life, a landscape or an object, or subject. With an expert eye, the artist creates a textured image with depth and colour. It is this textural element that brings the image to life, rather than the ‘flat’ image of a photograph. Of course, photographs have their place in capturing events; they are snapshots of an experience, a true frozen moment in time caught in an instant. Something a painter could not capture as he, or she, sits and applies paint to a canvas. Both methods have their benefits to allow us to enjoy these frozen moments at our leisure.

Whether you want to capture a moment in paint or a photo , at Picture This Gallery we have the expertise and ability to make your frozen moment an immortal one.