Peach Fuzz – Color of the Year 2024

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Peach Fuzz Color of the year 2024
Peach Fuzz Color of the Year 2024

This year’s Pantone Colour of the Year is Peach Fuzz 13-1023, warm, velvety and cozy hue, which is symbolic of warmth and modern elegance, but also seen as sweet, pleasant, and friendly. Any

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 bright and intense peach colors, on the other hand, can symbolize vitality, energy, playfulness, and encouragement.

Fun Facts: The color peach represents immortality in Chinese culture due to the aptly named The Peach Tree of Immortality. This tree is long thought to be on a mountainside somewhere in the Tian Shan in western China. It is said to only bloom once every 3,000 years and is therefore a key concept in the mythology of the Taoist religion. The word peach comes from the Middle English peche, derived from Middle French, which in turn derives from the Latin persica, i.e., the fruit from Persia. In actuality, the ultimate origin of the peach fruit was from China.


Pantone’s name is synonymous with paint for many of us, mostly for interior decorating. The color system was launched in 1963 by Lawrence Herbert. It is so successful it is used all over the world in fashion, décor, graphic design, and printing, and allows designers and manufacturers to match colors with one another.

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