World Art Day

Mandy Eve-BarnettArt, Culture

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Did you know there is a World Art Day? It is held on the 15th of April every year and this year the theme is “A Garden of Expression: Cultivating Community through Art.” Of course, at Picture This Gallery, we celebrate art daily with an extensive range of artwork, subjects, techniques and methods. We also believe strongly in community and have contributed to many organizations through the years.

The first World Art Day was initiated by the International Association of Art (IAA) in 2012 to promote the public’s awareness of creative activity around the globe. More than 150 artists and the national committees of the IAA organization approved the idea. The celebration honours the contributions of artists and the importance of art in our lives. 

Why, you may ask, did they settle on 15th April? It is Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday, so it is a fitting date to not only reflect the greatest artist of all time, but also those following in his footsteps, or more aptly his brush strokes.

The IAA began in Paris in 1954 to stimulate international cooperation among artists, improve their economic and social position at national and international levels and defend their material and moral rights. In 2016, an IAA National Chapter was founded in Los Angeles, which governs all U.S. activities in partnership with UNESCO.