First Land

Limited Edition Print by Craig Kosak

First Land

Craig Kosak
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
25 × 25 in
Limited Edition of 25

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Artwork Description

“The raven is a trickster, a protector, a teacher and a bringer of great magic to the tribes of the Northwest,” explains Craig Kosak regarding First Land. “They trick us into seeing the things we are missing in our lives. The raven is also a provider. The sun, the stars and moon and even fire were supplied by a raven. And so was the land on which we stand.

“It seems that the raven had become bored with the spirit-land in which he lived and flew away carrying a stone. When he became tired of carrying the stone, he dropped it into the ocean. It expanded, becoming the ground upon which we humans came to live. It was a raven who found men hidden in a clam and released them in the world. According to the legend, he literally coaxed us out of our shell.”

Also available as a MasterWork Canvas 37″ x 37″, edition of 10