High Creek Crossing

Limited Edition Print by Stephen Lyman

High Creek Crossing

Stephen Lyman
Limited Edition Print
37 × 13.25 in
Limited Edition of 1000

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Artwork Description

The art of Stephen Lyman never fails to whisk us away on an adventure in the great outdoors. With “High Creek Crossing,” our destination is Yellowstone National Park, and in this awe-inspiring panorama, we are witness to the great American buffalo.

Once known for the millions that roamed the Plains, the bison, or American buffalo, now survives in isolated herds on private reserves and national parks like Yellowstone. During the winter, these animals must forage for food by pawing the ground and sweeping their massive heads through deep snow. In mountainous areas, they will seek the protective cover of trees in an especially strong winter storm. Here, a storm has just passed and the herd begins to move again in search of new places to feed.