Limited Edition Print by Stephen Lyman


Stephen Lyman
Limited Edition Print
60 × 23 in


Artwork Description

“A campfire is always so attractive, no matter how far away you are from it. In this image, the fire is immediate and hot, while the moon is cool and gentle. The story behind ‘Moonfire’ is one of balance.” —Stephen Lyman

Setting the scene at one of his favorite lakes high in the Sierra, Steve created an image that skillfully blends concepts of warm and cool, active and passive, bright and subtle, all side by side. The heavenly moon and earthly fire complete the panorama’s ode to the concept that balance is an essential aspect of life.

Steve painted a fall scene because it is only at that time of year that you can find such a plethora of subtle colors on the ground. Although this may not be a huge lake, there is an abundance of nature to enjoy. The piece contains all the subjects Steve loved to paint: fire, light, water, reflections, trees and rocks. Taking advantage of his ever-trusty artistic license, Steve was quick to point out that he would never build a fire this close to the water —especially in such a fragile and sensitive ecosystem.

Of all the things to discover and enjoy in “Moonfire,” take note of Lyman’s mastery of reflection, which even encompasses the subtle effect of the evening’s breeze. To appreciate the way the campfire, moon and diminutive light are reflected in the lake’s rippled surface is to appreciate true artistry. This is an incredibly beautiful and inspiring place to be.