Living Waters

Limited Edition Print by James Christensen

Living Waters

James Christensen
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
12 × 24 in
Limited Edition of 250, Handsigned by the artist


Artwork Description

“Living waters” is an ancient expression. Common in biblical times it referred to springs, fountains or running streams from which one sought nourishment, as opposed to the stagnant water found in ditches and pools. In this vertical and uniquely arched canvas James Christensen’s Living Waters speaks to the beauty of faith and the Holy Spirit, both of which refresh and invigorate the soul as water does the body.

“I spend time hiking the trails of Mount Timpanogos near my home in Utah, and throughout the mountain are beautiful little grottos just waiting to be discovered,” explains Christensen. “It is in places like this that the beauty of what has been created comes to life. I believe that the purpose of our time here on earth is to experience mortality, to aspire to holiness by learning to be better, kinder people. I’m not talking the witnessing of Technicolor miracles or a life of fasting and penance. What’s important is that we strive, with our bodies, minds and hearts, to understand and appreciate what we have been given.”

The shapes and sizes of James Christensen’s paintings often have as much to do with his storytelling as the pictures they contain. The tabernacle shape achieved by the arched top enhances the spiritual effect of the angelic figure because we associate this configuration of art with that found in great temples and cathedrals. Living Waters, in content, shape and form is truly a special piece of art from James Christensen and surely is as beautiful a statement of faith as one could hope to display.