Positive Viewpoint

Original Artwork by Ford Smith

Positive Viewpoint

Ford Smith
Original Artwork
14 × 11 in


Artwork Description

“While most of Ford’s landscapes and reflective waters are conjured from his imagination and are compilations of several places he’s traveled, this painting is one of the rare ones that is directly inspired from the view from his private studio. He lives on a lake just north of Atlanta, and has spent many hours studying how the light plays on the water and how the tree line on the ridge opposite his home are reflected in abstract and shifting patterns. This painting is perfectly reminiscent of his creative process, glancing out the window for nature to provide that inspiration. In the case of “Positive Viewpoint”, it is precisely what he sees. Only in the mind of Ford Smith will this scene become faintly abstracted here, and the new palette mingles so fluidly and imaginatively. With his tranquil and trademark composition, he lends a distinctive, radiant serenity that is all Ford Smith.”