Snow Laden Saw-Whet Owl

Original Artwork by Michael Dumas

Snow Laden Saw-Whet Owl

Michael Dumas
Original Artwork
Oil on Birch
3 × 5 in

$1,597 CAD

Artwork Description

A fresh snowfall is always welcome to me. It transforms the very familiar woods around my home into a wonderland of new shapes, and lighting effects that are unique to the event. These small balsam fir trees are barely able to support their burden of snow, which will soon begin to drop off should the temperature rise or a wind to swoop in. It is a transient moment, made even more so by the shifting light, and a small saw-whet owl delicately perched atop one of the saplings. As a result, I had to work in bits and pieces whenever the conditions were just right, and the slight changes from one occasion to the other meant over painting more than is usual for me. Even so, I think it captures the mood of those many moments.