Solitary Vireo

Original Artwork by Charity Dakin

Solitary Vireo

Charity Dakin
Original Artwork
Watercolor and Gold Leaf
7 × 7 in

$797 CAD

Artwork Description

I encountered a pair of solitary vireos, also known as the blue-headed vireo, nesting while walking the trail in our woods. As the name suggests, they are solitary for the most part, although this pair was attending in tandem to the domestic duties of raising a family and making themselves very visible in a attempt to keep me from lingering. Despite their inconspicuousness, they do like spending their time singing and you will often hear them before you spot them. They sport a soft and light palette of mossy green, bluish gray, and greenish yellow, set off by bold white “spectacles”. Their characteristics and demeanour suggest to me that they are simply content to be, and I can only wish for more encounters with residents such as these.