Still Life With Three Eggs and Four Pairs

Limited Edition Print by Braldt Bralds

Still Life With Three Eggs and Four Pairs

Braldt Bralds
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Paper
26 × 18.25 in
Handsigned by the Artist


Artwork Description

After a trip to the old country, our Dutch Master Braldt Bralds returned home inspired by the still life genre. “I wanted to create a painting in the old tradition with a dark, simple background to set off the quiet drama found in the subject matter. I’ve always loved the use of rustic, well-used objects with their rich patina. How could I not resist placing the newest member of my family, an Angora named Wee Willy, into this setting?”

Braldt also could not resist a little play on words, giving a light twist to this formal piece. Three of the four “pairs” of the title are not the edible sort. Pictured are two California Spangled Tabbies, one silver, one brown; two Cymrics, one Mackerel Tabby with white, one tuxedo and two blue Turkish Angoras. The two mice make the forth (and tastiest) pair offered at this table.