Teebow Tipi

Limited Edition Print by R. Tom Gilleon

Teebow Tipi

R. Tom Gilleon
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
18 × 16 in
Limited Edition of 125


Artwork Description

So, we really did pick up the phone to ask Florida born and raised, onetime University of Florida pitcher Tom Gilleon if there was any connection between “Teebow Tipi” and Heisman Trophy winning, University of Florida come Denver Bronco’s quarterback. Of course, it’s possible that there wasn’t; after all, he did spell “Teebow” with two ee’s. And, it could be a river near where he lives in Montana; because after all, he did spell “Teebow” with two ee’s. Or maybe even a town; because after all, he did spell “Teebow” with two ee’s.

Well, it turns out that he is just a big old University of Florida turned Bronco Tebow fan that chose to spell “Teebow” with two ee’s. “I paint tipis,” says Gilleon. “Spelling ‘Teebow’ the way I did gives the painting an illusion that it is a contemporary western work of art and not homage to a great quarterback. Actually, if you think about it, when I painted the original, Tim was still in Florida. Now that he is with the Broncos, I could have titled the work ‘Tebow Tipi’ and it could accurately be defined as a contemporary western work of art.”

And the American flag at adorning the tipi entrance? “Did I just say ‘great quarterback’? I think I meant to say ‘great American quarterback.’”