The Artist

Limited Edition Print by Morgan Weistling

The Artist

Morgan Weistling
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
30 × 40 in
MasterWork Edition, Handsigned by the Artist


Artwork Description

Morgan Weistling is among several of the Greenwich Workshop Family of Artists to be awarded the prestigious Prix De West award. In fact, he (and Howard Terpning) have won the award twice!

Morgan’s first Prix De West award came in 2001 for “The Dance” and the second in 2008 for “Indian Stories.” As Morgan relates, the model for “The Artist” may one day show in The Prix De West as well: “The idea for this painting came very naturally. My daughter, Brittany, is following in her parents footsteps and is quite the artist at 14. (Morgan’s wife, Jo Ann, paints under the name J. Peralta).

“She has posed for me many times, notably in ‘The Dance.’ Here, she is a girl set with kitchen tasks but has put them aside to partake in her first love, painting. Although she should be peeling those potatoes, she would rather set up items from her mother’s 1890s country kitchen and paint a still life in watercolor. Behind her on the cabinet, other paintings are pinned. I tried to portray that intensity of young inspiration to be an artist. It’s an unstoppable force when given the right encouragement.”

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