Tuskegee Titans

Limited Edition Print by Robert Bailey

Tuskegee Titans

Robert Bailey
Limited Edition Print
31 × 20 in


Artwork Description

“We were honoured and privileged to have THIRTEEN of the Tuskegee Airmen sign our Group Editions, making this a valuable collector’s piece for years to come. Please note the NEW airmen who have not signed with us before. Three of the editions have a companion print, depicting the sinking of a German warship by Tuskegee P­47 Thunderbolts in the Adriatic Sea on June 25, 1944”       — Robert and Michelle Bailey
During the final months of World War II, the Tuskegee Airmen were extremely active escorting bombers, knocking down German fighters and strafing important ground targets. Here we see P-51 Mustangs of the 99th. Squadron, 332nd. Fighter Group, destroying a convoy of German heavy armor and trucks. In the lead is F/O Charles A. Lane, flying ‘Meatball Rap II.’
Third and final release in the Little Friends trilogy.


~ Flight Officer Charles A. Lane Jr
~ Staff Sergeant James A. Sheppard
~ 1st Lieutenant Robert L. Martin
~ 2nd Lieutenant Leo R. Gray
~ 1st Lieutenant Richard D. Macon
~ Captain Robert W. Lawrence
~ F/O James C. Warren
~ 1st Lieutenant William H. Holloman III
~ 1st Lieutenant George A. Taylor
~ 1st Lieutenant William B. Ellis
~1st Lieutenant Alexander Jefferson
~ 2nd Lieutenant George E. Hardy
~1st Lieutenant Theodore G. Lumpkin

The Story
by Mike Coenen

As the Allied juggernaut rolled on toward the final collapse of the Third Reich in the spring of 1945, fighter aircraft of the 8th, 9th, 12th and 14th Air Forces fanned out in all directions, seeking targets of opportunity.

It was evident to all that the last days of the global struggle to end tyranny was near. It had taken four and a half years to arrive at this stage of the world war at great cost in human lives, both civilian and military against Germany, Italy and Japan. For the Germans, it had finally come down to this: a retreat back to its own borders, and a collapse into anarchy and foreign occupation. Faced with the Russians approaching the outskirts of Berlin in the east and the Allied armies crossing the Rhine in the west, the German army began its final retreat in disarray. By now, it was short of motivated foot soldiers and was desperate for supplies ranging from food and ammunition, to petrol.

Challenged with all this, they still had to face the ‘Jabos,’ which roamed the countryside, looking for anything and everything that moved and which could be interpreted as a target. It was at these times that the Germans paid their dearest price. Tanks, ground troops and armored personnel carriers were hit almost daily. These encounters were no piece of cake for the pilots either. It was serious business, often at very low altitudes and more dangerous than air to air combat.

In Robert Bailey’s action drama, TUSKEGEE TITANS, P­-51′s of 99 Fighter Squadron , 322nd Fighter Group, have set upon an unfortunate armored column headed back to Germany in broad daylight.

Available in the Following Editions:

  • 200 Limited Editions, with 3 co-signatures
  • 150 American Eagle Editions, with 3 co-signatures
  • 100 Group Editions, with 13 co-signatures
  • 30 Artist’s Proofs, with 8 co-signatures
  • 200 Studio Editions, signed by the artist