White Tie Affair

Limited Edition Print by Todd White

White Tie Affair

Todd White
Limited Edition Print
Embellished Canvas on Board
16 × 20 in
Limited Edition of 100 S/N


Artwork Description

“She’s dressed in the traditional bad guy garb of all black – wearing it with confidence. But she’s also hidden under her black wing boa… hiding in plain sight?”

Imagine someone tells you, “you can do whatever you want if you just put this mask on…”

The release of Saints and Lords, Black Tie Optional, and White Tie Affair is all about anonymity – the tool which allows you to give free rein to your desire…

We all have our little dark desires, and I think throughout history the way people have accepted that dark desire is by masquerading – covering up with masks. In literature and film the mask is iconic. There’s a reason why all our superheroes wear a mask, as well as the criminals they pursue. Wear a mask and it give you permission to do what you really want to do with no inhibitions, because it hides who you are. If you can’t see me I was never there. Welcome to the party, pal.