Winter Lodge – Wolf Pack

Limited Edition Print by Robert Bateman

Winter Lodge – Wolf Pack

Robert Bateman
Limited Edition Print
44 × 22 in

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Artwork Description

“Both wolves and beavers are charismatic mammals representing Canadian wilderness. Beavers are seldom seen but their dams, ponds and lodges indicate their presence. Wolves are even more rare and their presence is often indicated by a chorus of howling. Sometimes when people howl for wolves they get a response from the wolves themselves.

This scene is of a beaver lodge in an old beaver meadow. These meadows are formed as plants move into the shallow pond and eventually create a wet meadow. This particular example is a meadow about a fifteen minute hike from our cottage in Haliburton County, Ontario. I of course did not see wolves there but they could have been there, sniffing the tantalizing aroma of potential prey that was safe inside its frozen but cozy home.”

– Robert Bateman

16” x 32” – 99 S/N and 19 AP
22” x 44” – 99 S/N and 19 AP