Moonbear Listens to the Earth

Fine Art Print by Stephen Lyman

Moonbear Listens to the Earth

Stephen Lyman
Fine Art Print
Giclée Canvas
11 × 21 in
Anniversary Edition, Limited to 200


Artwork Description

“Steve painted this in honor of my Native American-inspired music and my dedication to the larger circle of life. ‘Moonbear’ is the name of my recording company and this image is its symbol. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for this beautiful painting.” – Andrea Lyman

This fine art limited edition print features a bear, one of Steve’s most-memorable yet rarely-painted subjects. The native Miwok word for the grizzly bear is the source of the name “Yosemite,” which was the artist’s favorite place on Earth. The quiet serenity of this, one of Steve’s few images featuring the bear, is a reminder of our fellowship with both the natural and animal world which honor the memory and legacy of the artist.