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The Original Art of Catherine Marchand
A Lamp unto my Feet

Inspired from the scripture in |Psalms the lamp lights the way ahead and represents truth. The dark forest in this painting has only one source of light. I wanted to let the warm glow of the lamp bounce off the young woman and even reflected off the trees in the background hoping the viewer will almost sense the heat from its flame.

Medium:             Oil on Belgian Linen
Dimensions:     20 x 24 in
Price:                   SOLD
The Vessel

The Vessel is symbolic of our lives. We are spirit soul and body and like a container we pour out our lives before others. This painting portrays a woman full of love and ready to spill over. I wanted to capture the warmth of the sun on a summer day and a soft breeze from the lake.

Medium:             Oil on Canvas
Dimensions:     24 x 36 in
Price:                   SOLD
Through the Window

Back in an era of a simpler time, this young lady waits by a window in anticipation of her young man to come by. The focus of this piece is on the light that envelops her form and the brush stokes that dance creating movement. I wanted the light to flood this piece and the mood to be a bright day of hope.

Medium:             Oil on Canvas
Dimensions:     20 x 30 in
Price:                   SOLD
Mother Hen

“We often call nurturing mothers a ‘mother hen’. It is the image we associate in our minds of the careful eye a hen has over her chicks. This painting depicts the combination of a mother with a hen, a loving representation of mother’s love. Painted on wood panel conveys the impression of a farmstead.”

– Catherine Marchand

Medium:             Oil on Birch Panel
Dimensions:     8 x 10 in
Price:                   SOLD

I am drawn to the Victorian era, a time long past where romance was carefully pursued. Emotions were held in check even though their hearts were bursting with emotions. In this painting, my subject waits for the train that will take her to her sweetheart. Anticipation is high yet she maintains a quiet dignity. The oils were applied to natural linen where the weave shows through giving the painting a true ‘feel’ of paintings of the past.

Medium:             Oil on Linen Panel
Dimensions:     11 x 14 in
Price:                   SOLD


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