Original Artwork by Kelly Dodge


Kelly Dodge
Original Artwork
Oil on Belgian Linen
5 × 3.5 in

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Artwork Description

“I spend part of most evenings hanging out with the Northern Flying Squirrels that fly to an old poplar growing at the corner of my deck. I dip peanuts in peanut butter and then hand them to the nocturnal squirrels. One particular night I heard a squeaking noise at my feet. Imagine my surprise when I looked down and saw the tiniest mouse looking up at me vocalizing. It seemed there was no doubt what it wanted so I slowly knelt with outstretched peanut but became unbalanced and tottered abruptly. Of course the mouse ran away and I decided it must have been my imagination. However before I could completely straighten up I heard the same squeaking from above my head…..I slowly stood…and came face to face with ‘Mickey’. He had run up the tree and was reaching towards me with his little pink nose and dainty front paws. I obliged by slowly moving the peanut toward him. The little guy gently placed his ‘fingers’ on either side of my fingers and proceeded to nibble away at the peanut till it was gone. I was smitten! Mickey became a regular every evening for the rest of that year and to my delight even showed up to entertain guests on many occasions.”
– Kelly Dodge