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ARTIST: Roger Arndt

RESIDES:  Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

EDUCATION:  started painting at the age of twelve and at the age of fourteen apprenticed under well-known seascape artist Loren D. Adams, Jr. in the Vancouver Granville Island district.

-late teen years, Arndt discovered his love for the Rocky Mountains and spent several months each year exploring Alberta’s Lake Louise, Jasper, and Athabasca regions, hiking and camping at the base of towering mountains and ancient glaciers.
-fascinated with west coast Haida totems. Arndt studied the history of totems at the University of British Columbia and started to incorporate them into his seascape paintings

Roger D. Arndt’s hallmark scenes of towering Rocky Mountains, western forests, Pacific shores and gardens have captured the attention of fine art collectors world wide.

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Roger Arndt

Click thumbnail for larger image
Winter on the Bow
by Roger Arndt
Medium Dimensions Price
Oil on Cradled Panel 20 × 6.5 in $1,457
Click thumbnail for larger image
Shoreline Breakers
by Roger Arndt
Medium Dimensions Price
Oil on Cradled Panel 6.5 × 20 in SOLD

ARTIST: Elsie Baer

RESIDES:   Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

EDUCATION: self taught with credit to Gisela Felsberg  for teaching “to see” and to Isabel Levesque for teaching “the importance of good composition”.
Plein air oil painting in Wyoming with Jim Wilcox

-Juried exhibitions with Alberta Wilderness Association 1977-1992
-Federation of Canadian Artists
-Art Society of Strathcona County
-Arts and Crafts Society of Alberta 1992-2006

– Commissioned by Lone Pine Publishing – created a painting for book cover: “Historic Trails of Alberta”
– Presentations of her work have been made to visiting dignitaries as well as senior government officials including the last two Premiers of Alberta.
– Co-owned and operated Boardwalk Original Artworks.
– Published several limited editions prints. A recent release is the sixth in a series featuring  the “Alberta Wild Rose”

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Elsie Baer

Click thumbnail for larger image
Wild Sunflowers
by Elsie Baer
"When I saw these growing in my back alley, I ran back home for my camera. I knew one day I'd paint them. Well, that day has arrived so I decided to paint them exactly as they were growing, wild and free. It was a delight to paint these sunny flowers."
- Elsie Baer
Medium Dimensions Price
Oil on Board 10 × 14 in $997
Click thumbnail for larger image
Creek near Wildwood, AB
by Elsie Baer
"Coming home from a trip to Jasper, AB I saw this charming scene in a field near Wildwood, AB. The sun was low in the West making the shadows long, and the colours rich and warm, perfect ingredients for a painting."
- Elsie Baer
Medium Dimensions Price
Oil on Board 10 × 14 in $927

ARTIST: Alan Bateman

RESIDES:  Canning, Nova Scotia , Canada

received formal training at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

two-time recipient of The Elizabeth Greenshields Award

Alan Bateman has been very active with thirteen solo exhibitions and thirteen group exhibitions to his credit. Bateman has exhibited extensively throughout Canada, including shows in Toronto, Halifax, Hamilton, Edmonton and Victoria. In the USA he has exhibited in Ohio, Oregon and Minnesota.

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Alan Bateman

Click thumbnail for larger image
by Alan Bateman
"A found nest on our property. Ingenious architecture and now art."
- Alan Bateman
Medium Dimensions Price
Acrylic 6 × 6 in $1,097

ARTIST: Robert Bateman

British Columbia, Canada

– University of Toronto

Books about his life and art have had sales of over 1,000,000 copies. He has also been the subject of several films and television programs. His honours, awards and honorary doctorates are numerous. It is in honour of Bateman’s contribution to art and conservation that one public and two secondary schools have been named after him; as well, he has been awarded 12 honorary doctorates

His work is in many public and private collections, and several art museums, including the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, WY. Bateman has had many one-man museum shows throughout North America, including an exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. Recently, the retrospective show, The Art of Robert Bateman, toured Canada and the USA for two years, and a one-man show toured four cities in Russia.

Bateman’s art reflects his commitment to ecology and preservation. Since the early 1960’s, he has been an active member of naturalist and conservation organizations, now on a global scale. He has become a spokesman for many environmental and preservation issues and has used his artwork and limited edition prints in fund-raising efforts that have provided millions of dollars for these worthy causes.

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Robert Bateman

Click thumbnail for larger image
Spirit Bear by the Rock
by Robert Bateman
"Serene rivers wind through flowering meadows. These waters teem with salmon in spawning season. The spirit bear (sometimes known as the Kermode bear) is found mainly in the area of Princess Royal Island on the coast of British Columbia. It is hoped that this wilderness will remain untouched by human development. Anyone fortunate enough to visit this piece of paradise will feel the deep sense of spirituality connecting us with the roots of creation. I have been there once. And even if I never return, it is good to know that it will continue in its purity and perfection."
- Robert Bateman
Medium Dimensions Price
Acrylic on Board 12 × 7 in $11,467

ARTIST: Nicoletta Baumeister


MAJOR Show Realm of Perception Surrey Arts Centre Surrey, B.C.
Group Show Art Coutour White Rock, B.C.
FCA Works on Paper Vancouver, B.C.

FCA Works on Paper Second Prize Vancouver, B.C.
FCA Aquarelle et Pastel Honourable Mention Vancouver, B.C.

NSCAD “Underpinnings” Halifax, N.S.
Group Show “Order & Chaos” International Art Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
SOLO SHOW “Simple Pleasures” Hycroft Gallery, Vancouver B.C.
SOLO SHOW “Just Abstracts” Hycroft Gallery,Vancouver B.C.

SOLO Show, “Just Blooming” Elgin ARt Gallery Surrey, B.C.
75th Anniversary Show Federation Vancouver, B.C.
FCA AIRS Realism show Vancouver, B.C.
FCA Concept show Vancouver, B.C.

NSCAD “I am NSCAD” Halifax, N.S.
Views from the Southbank Surrey Arts Centre
Golden Cactus Gallery White Rock, B.C.
FCA Abstract Exhibition Vancouver, B.C.

FCA Abstract Exhibition Vancouver,B.C.
FCA Success Exhibition
FCA POTE Exhibition
FCA Paint by Numbers

FCA POTE Exhibition
FCA Spilsbury Show
FCA AIRS Vancouver, BC

FCA POTE show Vancouver, BC
FCA Still Life Vancouver, BC
FCA Canvas Unbound
Botanical Artists of Canada Award: Best Watercolour Vancouver, BC Toronto, Ont

FCA 70th Anniversary Show First Prize Award Vancouver, BC
FCA Small Smaller Smallest Vancouver, BC
FCA AIRS Vancouver, BC
Eighteenth Annual Studio Tour Surrey, BC

Grand Forks Art Gallery: Rembrandt’s Attic Vancouver, BC
Seventeenth Annual Studio Tour Vancouver, BC
FCA POTE Award Opus Art Supplies Vancouver, BC
FCA Abstract Show Surrey, BC

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Nicoletta Baumeister

Click thumbnail for larger image
Three Days in Summer
by Nicoletta Baumeister
"So much in life is written daily over a framework of repeated elements and motifs. Year & month, week & day, hour & minute; Sleep & Wake; Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. In the flurry of action, these patterns fade into the background and what remains of the day are snippets of time, like capsules, resonating in our memory. In this Series sets I set up the structure as lines passing from left to right. In this field, smaller blocks of colour are inserted, each representing the tasks or actions completed. The final swatch of the brush in motion obliterated some of this history, and reveals small idiosyncratic pockets, analogous to of our sense of remembered time."
- Nicoletta Baumeister
Medium Dimensions Price
Acrylic on Board 8 × 10 in $627
Click thumbnail for larger image
Red Door, Arctic Wind
by Nicoletta Baumeister
"Under the harsh conditions of the arctic wind, wood surfaces peel and splinter. The resulting sensation is one of time creating transient, weathered morsels of different states of being."
- Nicoletta Baumeister
Medium Dimensions Price
Acrylic 10 × 8 in $827

ARTIST: Maurade Baynton

RESIDES: Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

1990     Pro-Art Workshop. Big Timber, Montana
John Seery-Lester, Jessica Jemsky, and Jack Heinz (instructors)1994     Whiterock Centre for the Arts (summer school) Whiterock B.C    Experimental Watercolor Media Workshop,   Maxine Masterfield (instructor)1995     Making Art Your Business   Department of Extention, University of Alberta, Edmonton,  Alberta, Canada, Elyse Eliot-Los (instructor)
1995     Sutton Art – Color Beyond Basics, Eileen Raucher -Sutton (instructor) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1997     The Art of Business and The Business of Art  Rowles  & Company Ltd. Era Rowles (instructor) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

1999 – Trout Unlimited Artist of the Year
2010 – Selected to compete in design of Canada Mint silver coin series   2010 – Alberta Rose design
2011 – Winning selection for “National Art Portfolio” Ducks Unlimited Canada  – 800 entries Aug 2010
2011 – Inducted into Artist Guild “West Guild” Master Membership –February 2011  Calgary Alberta

2009      Picture This “Masters in Miniature” Invitational show
2009    Western Art Sales Salon, Calgary Stampede Calgary Alta. Canada –July-  Juried
2010     Picture This “Masters in Miniature” Invitational show
2010       Western Art Sales Salon, Calgary Stampede Calgary Alta. Canada  July – Juried
2011        Hyatt Regency Hotel , Reflections West Art Show, Calgary Ab. February 24-27 “West Guild”         Master  membership

-Wildlife Art Magazine
-Post Cereal
-Trout Unlimited-Artist of the year, 1999
-Alberta Hunter’s Guide
-Home Hardware
-Canadian Art Buyers Guide
-Art Impressions Magazine

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Maurade Baynton

Click thumbnail for larger image
After the Rain
by Maurade Baynton
Medium Dimensions Price
Acrylic 8 × 10 in $977

ARTIST: Bi Yuan Cheng

RESIDES:  BC, Canada

EDUCATION: ZiangXi Art University, Bachelor’s degree in Art.
Bi was taken under the wing of one of China’s most prestigious art professors to learn landscaping, watercolor and oil. This mentorship would go on another ten years and prove to be a great factor in Bi’s later successful career in art.

Born in 1957 and raised in Jinan, China, Yuan Cheng Bi’s career as an artist of various mediums began in his home country. Under the guidance and encouragement of his father, Bi began practicing art at age five.

By 1975, Bi had already established himself as an accomplished art instructor in Jinan’s Art Club. Dozens of Bi’s pieces were collected by the ZiangXi University’s art museum during the 80s..

After graduating in 1983, Bi went on to work in landscaping and sculptural design at Shandong Architectural Company. In 1985, Bi’s sculpture titled “Teasing Swan” received second place in a provincial art competition and was recreated in marble, standing two meters tall for the City of Jinan’s Central Park.

Bi’s success in sculpture continued on the next year when he was chosen fro over one hundred competitors from around the nation to design the sculptural landmark for Shandong Stadium – the province’s largest sports facility. The finished product was a metal and concrete sculpture standing thirty meters high, symbolizing the unification of common people through sport. His work for the city continued on in 1989 for China’s National Day, when Bi designed a fountain in Jinan Centre Square filled with water lilies, the city’s official flower.

With his rising career in sculptural design, in 1987 the Province of Shandong gave Bi the nation’s highly distinguished and recognized title as a Chinese Art Master.

In 1989 Bi was accepted into the prestigious Chinese Encyclopedia of Art.

Immigrating to Canada in 1990 was a big step for Yuan Cheng Bi. He settled in Edmonton, Alberta for a period of 18 years and presently lives in Victoria, British Columbia. Bi started his own art studio in 1992 and works predominantly in oils and acrylics as well as mural painting. For the last ten years Bi has painted over fifty murals throughout Alberta, one of the most notable at The International Edmonton Airport and the Drayton Valley legion.

Bi Y Cheng has been commissioned by various corporations. In 2006 – 2007, he created ten commissioned paintings depicting their history for the new June Warren Building in Edmonton, Alberta. He created four conceptual paintings for Ready Engineering depicting the history of engineering in the world. He has often been called upon for his skill in capturing an abstract idea or a definitive portrait.

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Bi Yuan Cheng

Click thumbnail for larger image
Mount Rundle
by Bi Yuan Cheng
"Mount Rundle is an iconic mountain in the Albertan Rockies. Easily one of the most recognizable! I just had to paint this breathtaking view on my visit. "
- Bi Yuan Cheng
Medium Dimensions Price
Acrylic 14 × 11 in $1,057
Click thumbnail for larger image
Autumn in Lake O Hara
by Bi Yuan Cheng
"I wanted to capture the beauty and color of this gorgeous lake in British Columbia. Autumn brings bright and beautiful changes to the scenery."
- Bi Yuan Cheng
Medium Dimensions Price
Acrylic 14 × 11 in $1,057

ARTIST: Cameron Bird

BIOGRAPHY: Cameron Bird has grown up with a passion for the outdoors. He began his career with sketching, which he continues to this day as reference for his larger studio oils and acrylics. His formal art training took place at Emily Carr College of Art and Capilano College where he studied commercial art; as well he completed studies in professional sign painting.

Each year Cameron gathers reference for his work while fishing, camping and hiking in the mountains and outdoors. A particular interest for Cameron is to carry his paint box with him and capture the subjects first hand.

Having studied many artists from history, Cameron is drawn to the work of the Illingworth Kerr, Maynard Dixon, Emily Carr, Carl Rungius and in particular Canadian artist Keith C Smith. Cameron studied with KC Smith for over ten years. KC helped Cameron find the knowledge and courage to produce work of power and simplicity. KC always taught him to simplify and make each brush stroke count. Cameron has always admired the use of bold color and heavy impasto.

Cameron worked as a pack horse guide in the mountains to provide him with the first hand material and reference for his paintings. He believes this experience in the wild gives his work an added authenticity and true appreciation for nature.

Cameron has been painting professionally since 1989 and full time since 1999. Cameron has had many one man and group exhibitions and is represented in a number of art galleries. He currently lives in the interior of British Columbia with his family and continues to capture and explore the wild and its animals.

Cameron Bird

Click thumbnail for larger image
Hardy Light
by Cameron Bird
""Having spent many hours fishing off the west coast this piece derives from those experiences. Fishing off Port Hardy and trolling close to the shore allows me great reference material.""
- Cameron Bird
Medium Dimensions Price
Oil 12 × 10 in $1,147
Click thumbnail for larger image
Bull Moose
by Cameron Bird
" "This is a study that I had so much fun doing. I can play with the colors and textures as well as the abstract patterns.""
- Cameron Bird
Medium Dimensions Price
Oil 12 × 10 in $1,147

ARTIST: Collin Bogle

RESIDES:  Kirkland, Washington, U.S.A.

The son of a famous American artist, Lee Bogle; Collin Bogle learned the concepts of technique, composition and design from his father, later refining his skills and setting out on his own artistic path.

Collectors Choice New Artist of the Year for Bradford Exchange-1998

Inform Art
Wildlife Art
US Art

Nationally published artist for 15 years, since the age of 20.
Has exhibited in art shows through the United States and his originals are on display in prominent galleries around North America.

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Collin Bogle

Click thumbnail for larger image
Panda Paradise
by Collin Bogle
"I wanted to paint this Giant panda eating a snack in a setting of piece and serenity. Amongst the beauty hear the calming sound of the distant waterfall and feel the warmth of the sun."
- Collin Bogle
Medium Dimensions Price
Mixed Media 11 × 14 in $3,997
Click thumbnail for larger image
Autumn Buck
by Collin Bogle
"I wanted to paint this beautiful large buck wondering into a spot of golden low sunlight engulfing him in the warm vibrant colors of autumn. Notice his obscure friends in the distance."
- Collin Bogle
Medium Dimensions Price
Mixed Media 9 × 13.5 in $3,997

ARTIST: Carl Brenders

RESIDES: Zoersel, Antwerp, Belgium


Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium
Academy of Decorative Arts, Berchem, Belgium


Southeastern Wildlife Exposition: Charleston, SC
‘Featured Artist’: 1997; ‘Guest Artist’: 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2011-2012
National Museum of Wildlife Art: Jackson, WY. ‘Featured Painter’ 2003; ‘Guest artist’ 2004 & 2007
Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum: Birds in Art ‘Master Artist’ 2002
Bennington Center for the Arts, VT: Art and the Animal Kingdom VIII ‘Featured Artist’ 2003
Society of Animal Artists: New York
Award of Excellence: ‘Long Distance Hunters’ 1988; ‘Talk on the Old Fence’ 1989; ‘One to One’
1993; ‘Rocky Camp’ 1994; ‘Without Warning’ 2000; ‘Gleam of Gold’ 2001; ‘Trick or Treat’ 2002


Birds in Art:  LYWAM – Wausau, WI. 1984 – 2000, 2002 – 2020
National Museum of Wildlife Art & Western Visions: Jackson, WY. 1999 – 2020
Picture This framing & gallery: Masterpieces in Miniature Sherwood Park, AB, Canada. 2016 – 2020
Trailside Galleries: Jackson, WY & Scottsdale, AZ. 1983 – 2003, 2007 – 2016
Wildlife Art: Artists Viewing Nature Museum Tour: Germany 2016 – 2017
Oldenburg: Landesmuseum Natur und Mensch; Berchtesgaden: Museum Schloss Adelsheim;
Mainz: Naturhistorischen Museum
Celebration of Wildlife Art: Kenai Convention Center, AK. 2012
The John Southern Gallery: Liskeard, UK. 2002 – 2008


Master artist in several expositions
Moscow (Russia) special event, Young & Rubicam, 1/30/2016
Oldenburg (Germany) 3 museum tour 2016-2017
Zoersel (Belgium) 2 artist expo, March 2016

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Carl Brenders

Click thumbnail for larger image
Red Tailed Hawk with Open Wings
by Carl Brenders
"The Red-Tailed Hawk is one of my favorite hunting birds. You will often see them soaring high above the prairies watching for prey. I wanted to show more that the effortless flight and so chose this unique pose."
- Carl Brenders
Medium Dimensions Price
Graphite 11.6 × 8.5 in $4,897
Click thumbnail for larger image
Two Carp
by Carl Brenders
"This is an interpretation of the quiet and peacefulness of the underwater world. Two carp with their brilliant colours, floating quietly by, without us even knowing they are there!"
- Carl Brenders
Medium Dimensions Price
Gouache/Watercolor 8.5 × 3.75 in $3,497

ARTIST: Kerri Burnett

RESIDES: Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

EDUCATION: BFA with distinction (U of A), B.E.D.

PRINT PUBLISHERS: 1995, 1996 – National Artist Print for DU, 1995 – raised over $105 000 for the National Program

2010 – Ground Sloth Platinum Coin – RCM (Royal Canadian Mint)
2009 – Portrait Society of Canada National Finalist
2008 – Finalist International Portrait Arts Festival, Toronto, Ontario
2008 – Membership: Portrait Society of Canada
2007 – Trumpeter Swan $1 Specimen Coin – RCM
2007-2011 – Dinosaur $4 silver coins – RCM
2007, 2009 – Olympic Them gold coins – RCM
2004 – Grizzly Bear platinum coins – RCM
2003 – Feature artist, Calgary Stampede Gallery exhibition
1998 – Gray Wolf platinum coins – RCM
1997 Federal Duck Stamp – Wildlife Habitat Canada
1997 – Elected to membership: Society of Animal Artists N.Y.
1996 – Christie’s Wildlife Art Auction, London, England
1995, 1996, 2005 DU National Portfolio

– 2005-2013 – Masterpieces in Miniature, Picture This! framing & gallery, Sherwood Park AB
– 2002-2013 – Art of Man Gallery, Lake Louise, AB
– 2000-2004 – Calgary Stampede GAllery Exhibition
– 2006, 2005, 2002, 1999, 1996 – Birds in Art, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, WI
– 2000, 2006 – Birds in Art, National tour, U.S.A.
– 1998 – Society of Animal Artists Annual Exhibition, Disney World, Florida
– 1997 – Wildlife: the Artist’s View, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, WI
– 1997-2002 – Animal Art in the Park, Algonquin Park, Ontario
– 1996 – Natural History Museum, London, England

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Kerri Burnett

Click thumbnail for larger image
Bighorn Young
by Kerri Burnett
"Spotted on I93 highway."
- Kerri Burnett
Medium Dimensions Price
Oil on MDF 9 × 12 in $1,197

ARTIST: Darrell Bush

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Northern Illinois University

His career hit the ground running in 1987, after winning two national stamp competitions for the state of Minnesota, and Idaho. Darrell’s success continued when he was named among America’s 12 most popular artist by four different national art publications.  Art publications such as USArt magazine conducted these polls annually by surveying North American art galleries, and placed Darrell with high rankings for several years. The same publication named him a Rising Star in 1995.  Inform Art magazine named him one of the Top Ten Hottest New Artists in 1994. Darrell’s work has also been juried into many fine art shows where he has received several “Best of Show” awards. In 1997, Darrell was named “Artist of the Year” at the Wildlife, Western, and Americana Art Show in Minneapolis, MN.

Two of his lithographs hang in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and his work was also part of a special reception at the prestigious Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Actor Burt Reynolds and celebrity animal expert Jack Hanna also own his work.

Darrell has also contributed several print editions to The Boy Scouts of  America fund-raising programs. In addition, a number of conservation organizations have also benefited from his generosity including The National Fish and Wildlife Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever and The National Wild Turkey Federation. Most recently Darrell was selected as a featured artist for The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Currently Cabela’s Sporting Goods Co. has featured Darrell’s art on 17 masters catalog covers the last three years, and has commissioned the 2013 covers as well.

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Darrell Bush

Click thumbnail for larger image
Perfect View
by Darrell Bush
"Painting does not need a frame. It is painted on a wood panel 1 1/2 inch cradle. A perfect morning on the Canadian border provider a lifetime of inspiration. I have painted 4 pieces from that incredible sunrise."
- Darrell Bush
Medium Dimensions Price
Acrylic on Cradled Panel 12 × 12 in $2,397

View artwork by artist's last name

How it works
1. Choose the artwork you like
2. Your choice will be inserted in the draw box under the artwork
3. Winning purchasers will be drawn on May 26th at 5pm

For more info call 780-467-3038 or toll-free 1-800-528-4278